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Alternative: Sora's Eyes ; 소라의 눈
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Author(s): Summer
Genre: Shounen ai, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural, Webtoon,
Status: Ongoing
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When Jeongha, the temperamental young son of a wealthy businessman was suddenly stricken down with a mysterious illness, his father scrambled to look for a cure. But the debilitating affliction persisted. Desperate and out of option, the father sought out help from a temple up on a misty mountain to save the life of his only son. As he stood waiting at the foot of the mountain for the temple people, he was approached by a village elderly man. The man told him that if the problem was small, he would be met by young temple people. If the problem was average, he would be met by middle aged people. And if the problem was grave, he would be met by elderly people, in which case he would need to prepare his heart for the worst. But on the rare occasion where a child came down to meet him, he would have to beg for his child’s life as if his own life depended on it. As the elderly man was leaving, the temple people arrived. Who came down from the temple to find the father?

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